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Long Distance Calling Plan Fact #1

Did you know that long distance calling plans can look completely identical, but cost you drastically different amounts based on how each phone company actually calculates charges?

In fact, a couple of the most popular calling plans marketed by the phone companies can look completely identical using all of the comparison criteria we've seen published to date by the press and on the Internet, but the actual call charges can differ by up to 400% for a single state-to-state phone call.  That can mean the difference between a single state-to-state call costing you $3.40 versus $15, and CallSense®  software is the first consumer long distance comparison solution to accurately show this.

CallSense handles this problem by accurately calculating charges for each calling plan as each phone company calculates them. CallSense removes the complexity from comparing long distance calling plans and dial around numbers.  CallSense will show you which calling plan or dial around number is the best deal for you.

You do not have to think about percentages, billing increments, USF, discounts, promotions, surcharges, free units, different rates for different times, and everything else that goes into the absurdly complex formula for accurately comparing calling plans. The truth is, you don’t need to know this nonsense, because CallSense accurately calculates true cost comparisons by accounting for everything they try to hide.  CallSense levels the playing field for you.

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