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Online Planet True Costs Billboard: main window and call setup tab

Provided below is the main window for the Online Planet True Costs Billboard.  At the bottom of the window are three tabs that are used to control the billboard.  The Call Setup tab is used to indicate what type of call is it: state-to-state, in-state long distance, international, and other call information.  Click on following two links to get more information about the Time Calculator tab and the Meter tab, which are used to calculate actual comparisons.

  • Time Calculator tab: use this tab to compare before each call.  For example, this enables you to compare dial around numbers for each long distance call.

  • Meter tab: use this tab to compare while you are on the phone.  Know how much you are saving, or could be saving, while you are still on the phone.  Also, if your calling plan or dial around number is in the CallSense software, you can see how much that call is costing you while you are still on the phone.  You can click on Personalize button to select just the dial around numbers or calling plan(s) you want to use.

CallSense software includes most of the current calling plans from AT&T, Verizon (MCI), and Sprint; as well as several older calling plans to help you better compare.  Sometimes the current calling plan you are now on, and may have been on for years, may still be the best calling plan for you.  CallSense also includes the most popular dial around numbers to help you find the least expensive way to make each call.

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